All fonts are free to use, both on personal and commercial projects. Feel free to email us the awesomeness you create with them!

Do you like them? Do they make your designs look even better? Awesome, we've achieved our goal! You know what? We like margaritas (yeah, we are classy). Feel free to buy us one if you enjoy our fonts. Very much appreciated!


totypeaway is a project run by Marc Vila and Adrià Verdaguer


The main idea of this blog came at our minds after attending to typograhpy lessons during our time at the University of Northamton. As graphic designers we use it continiously, but we also love to experiment with it. The goal of this space is to have fun playing with type and sharing our creations, we do not pretend to share the most useful and amazing  fonts you’ll see but experiments, trials and even some errors.

The fonts that can be found on these website are compeltly free for personal and commercial use.

If you create something with one of our fonts we would like to have a look at it, so do not be shy and contact us!

Altough this site is runned by Adrià Verdaguer and Marc Vila, we are not the only ones who design fonts for the blog, we do have some special friends and collaborators, have a look at their portfolios!

Elisabet Girona

Mireia Albó

Aleix Planas